Batman’s supervillain makes surprise wedding cameo

Imagine that you’re in the midst of your wedding and then all of a sudden the masked leader of the League of Shadows drops by… Well, we’re talking about non other than the supervillain in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy “The Dark Knight Rises” – Bane, acted by Tom Hardy.


So apparently, that is what happened to this couple who was having their church ceremony in Pittsburgh, which was coincidentally the filming location for the Hollywood movie. Tom Hardy, dressed in full Bane regalia, popped by and was filmed in this rather comical photo.

According to, a guest on site said: “[The movie] basically caused a lot of inconvenience for [bride and groom] and their guests as there were explosions and gunfire on the street during their wedding.” So to make up for this, the producers parked a Batmobile in front of the chapel and let the couple take pictures with it!