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Beachfront Paradise

This is one pristine vista not far away from our own shores.

The Inspiration

Have you ever wondered how a wedding in the mystical world of the sea would look?

Creating the Theme

Couples who enjoy underwater activities will be instantly hooked by this enchanting theme set-up.

In this postcard-worthy ceremony, it requires the elements of nature using an ornate white floral canopy as a photo frame to capture the lingering rays of the setting sun and the horizon where they sky meets the sea.

In dressing up the tables, you may want to use ornaments such as corals, seashells and pearl starfish to suit the seaside setting.

Unlike the splashier solemnisation set-up by the sea, the dining area is decisively more subdued with fresh ambrosial tulips and roses to soothe the senses as night falls.

Adding a unique touch to your big day, the resort allows couples to release sky lanterns carrying messages from the guests into the night sky. To pull off an incredible stunt like this in Singapore is cumbersome and requires a permit from the authorities.

Doing it Yourself: Ideas & Tips

Since this is a beach wedding, you may wish to let your hair down and allow your guests to dress down for the sand and sea in swimwear and beach shorts.

In case it gets colder as night falls, prepare sexy beach sarongs for the ladies and sunny design shirts for the men to make sure that everyone is still befittingly clad for the theme.

Please look for a resort which has its own ferry and ferry terminal; thus, your guests will have no lack of entertainment and recreation. You can arrange for water sport activities for your guests to keep them in the mood.

If you do not wish to hold your reception next to the beach, the fun-filled resort has also other dining venues as well as a ballroom for sit-down and stand-up functions. Couples with a small guest list can also consider holding their reception at golf courses.

Drop the usual floral hand bouquet and opt for a marine-themed bouquet made with conches, starfish as well as spirally and fan-shaped seashells instead.

A “free and easy” bridal look would go well with the breezy surroundings. Brides with long hair should go for a lightly tousled hairstyle that looks as natural as possible and match it with thin dress that would dance in the wind.

Purchase scallop shell holders in various colours to clamp the guests’ seating cards. These cheery holders will also make a wonderful memento for your guests at the end of the night.