Beautiful, White and Brilliant

Want to have beautiful flawless skin? The White Brilliance collection from Murad is highly recommended especially for brides-to-be who would love to have luminous and glowing complexion on their wedding day. Each product in the collection is infused with Porcelain Flower Extract, a precious, delicate, iridescent blossom native to Asia known for its high content of natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. With a long history of use in traditional eastern medicine, Porcelain Flower has been used to restore clarity and tone to the skin for an illuminated and translucent complexion. The result of this is the equivalent of getting a laser treatment, minus the harsh impact and pain.
The set comprises of a Cleansing Cream, a gentle foaming cleanser that purifies and restores skin with its blend of Omega-6 Essential Lipids and Jojoba-derived Esters; Luminous Essence, a lightweight formula that contains electrolyte-rich Kunai Root, Red Algae and Indian Fig Extracts to prime skin for optimised penetration of subsequent treatment products; Porcelain Serum, a high-potency serum that enhances skin’s translucence with Porcelain Flower Extract and Green Tea Extract to promote skin’s brightness and firmness. And also, Luminous Shield SPF 50 PA++++, an ultra-lightweight UV lotion that protects skin’s rosy glow with antioxidant –rich Grape Seed Extract to neutralise environmental aggressors and preserve skin’s brightness while the light-diffusing microspheres fill in lines and wrinkles, making them appear less visible.
The products are all very light and easy to layer on without the feeling of stickiness. They also penetrate very quickly into skin with no waiting time in between. To get the maximum benefits from the products, it is highly recommended to use the products for at least a month as that is how long it takes skin to renew itself. It will be prudent to start the regime more than one month ahead of the wedding date. Even though the products are suitable for sensitive skin, it is always safer to buffer a transition period for your skin to get used to new products. Another product to add to this regime, even though it is not from the same collection, is Murad’s Invisiblur Perfecting Shield.
According to Thomas Smith, Murad’s Senior Director of International Marketing who was in town recently, this is a Red Carpet must-have as it not only contains SPF but works like a primer to give an even and flawless complexion. Thomas suggested this product for brides immediately when he heard that oxidisation of cosmetics is a common problem that women face in Singapore. If a glowing effect is desired, it is recommended to use Invisiblur follow by White Brilliance Sunscreen. If a matte appearance is preferred, then use White Brilliance Sunscreen followed by Invisiblur. To avoid flaking, Invisiblur should be patted on gently on the face instead of rubbing it on.
The White Brilliance collection is available at Robinsons Departmental Stores, Passage New York and Body Contour.
Cleansing Cream $78
Luminous Essence $116
Porcelain Serum $196
Luminous Shield SPF 50 PA++++ $156
Invisiblur Perfecting Shield $139