Beauty: Bridal Nail Arts

We understand you’d want to look stunning from top to toe on your big day. So we decided to help by sourcing out some very gorgeous nail arts that would best compliment your style. Ladies, prepare to put your best foot (and fingers) forward!

For the prim and proper

1. Go Nude

There’s nothing wrong with opting to keep things simple. In fact, this minimalist trend of having neutral and cream colored nails is taking the fashion world by storm as of late, like Marc Jacobs models donning soft milky shades and Chanel choosing un-done French manicures on the runway. So, feel stylish by toning down your nails.

2. Glitter A Little

If you prefer to have a little more star factor, try on glitter manicure on top of your nude shades. Having all ten gleaming fingers might be too over the top, so personalize your nails by going for the gradient look or apply glitter to only one finger of your choice. For those with the standard French manicure, try replacing the white with your favorite glitter. Be it gold or silver, trust us, the effect is stunning!

two tone
3. Two-Tone

Yet another twist on the French manicure, the dual polish effect gives out vibes of being bold without trying too hard. Plus point, its pretty easy to attempt on your own. Just pick contrasting shades that flatter you and use a small brush to paint your favorite graphic. For beginners, try the vertical split or diagonal strip first before slowly progress to a V-shape, half moon or even a heart shape!

For the trend setter

1. Velvet

Textured nails are all the rage recently. Concrete coats might seem too gritty for weddings so why not try on a fur-effect nail polish? First spotted on Hollywood actress Blake Lively during her wedding to Ryan Reynolds last year, these soft and flurry nails are versatile enough to see you through the proper ceremony as well as that fun after party.

2. Caviar

Depending on the color of your choice, these nails might look like delish cake sprinklers or luxe fish eggs but if you want to be remembered as the trend-setting bride, this is the look you want to be spotted having.

Which is your favorite nail art? Drop us a comment!