Beauty: Fall/Winter Wedding Nail Trends

If you think wedding nails can only come in classic French manicures or pretty girly pink shades, think again. We sussed out these hot fall/winter nail trends that are not only fashion forward, but totally wedding-worthy as well!

1. The reverse French manicure

Giving the all-time classic a modern twist is the reverse French manicure — instead of having a nude/pastel pink base and pure white tips, this variation of the crowd favourite features a darker tip against a lighter background colour. Check out these imaginative designs for some inspiration!

reversefrench reversefrench2
Opulent shades like red with touches of shimmer and gold will definitely glam up your look. All the better for you to shine on your big day!

We’re loving the sophisticated shades of taupe in this design. No worries of looking like a plain Jane here — the subtle touches of gold helps to give the look the right touch of luxe!

And who’s to say that the French tip can only be straight? We’re loving this playful interpretation of the French manicure. The cut-out heart design is just perfect for a romantic wedding!

2. Bejewelled manicure

With jewel tones and bejewelled details being all the rage on the fall/winter runways, it is no surprise that this hot trend has found its way into nail fashion as well. These luxurious details are sure to make sure that you take centrestage on your wedding day.

bejewelled2 bejewelled3
For those who still prefer a more timeless look, an elegant white or nude base will be the perfect choice for you. Just turn up the volume with the jewel applique!

bejewelled shimmer
These two designs are on the top of our lists as they’re so on target for this fall/winter season — apart from being spot on on the bejewelled details, they’ve also incorporated two other hot trends — matte nails (left design) and the It colour this season, navy (right design)!

3. Dark colours

Rich, dark shades have always been the mainstay for fall/winter, and it’s no different this year round. While most people would not usually associate wedding nails with dark colours, we say that it’s time to change this perception, because dark colours can bring that extra drama to your look, especially for the evening!

graypink blackpink
For those who are worried that a total dark look will be too severe, we suggest a mix-and-match look with safer shades (for weddings) such as pink. With just the right balance of light and dark, the nail designs still scream chic without being too predictable.

darkshimmer  blackcaviar
For brides who are into the minimalist and modern look, sport nails in this season’s hottest shades such as burgundy, navy and emerald. To prevent the design from looking too flat, throw in an accent to the design — metallic nail polish or caviar nails are especially popular now! 

We’re guessing the elderly crowd will be a fan of this one — with rich shades of red, dark red, and metallic gold, you’ll be reeling in all the good blessings for your marriage.