Beauty: kiyone+LIM

kiyo(Photo from Kiyone+LIM Facebook)

Fans of Japanese fashion and beauty would be no stranger to hair salons KIZUKI+LIM and Pact+LIM (located at Raffles Hotel and Orchard Central respectively) — a Japanese salon chain that has been offering Singaporean consumers with impeccable style and service over the past few years. (For those of you who are new to the salons, the LIM at the end of the salon’s names does not represent a local surname, contrary to popular misconception. It actually stands for the salons belief in the Less Is More aesthetic!)

We at Wedding & Travel have long identified with the salons’ brand of natural and easy style, and that’s why we were overjoyed to hear that the chain was opening a new outlet — kiyone+LIM — in Singapore! Located just across Pact+LIM at Orchard Central, kiyone+LIM is a dedicated nail salon that will help to pretty up your fingers with its creative and absolutely cute gel nail designs!

kiyone+LIM advocates a philosophy that sees nail art as ‘art for the heart’ for the self, rather than a showpiece for the pleasure of others. This means that the manicure salon puts its efforts into creating beautiful designs that would work well in its customers’ everyday life, rather than complicated designs that may be nice to look at, but hard to live with! The inspiration behind kiyone+LIM’s nail designs stems from hoping to offer its customers a myriad of expressions that are derived from shades of a single hue.

While the salon’s beautiful brand of ideology might be hard to understand from words, it definitely comes through when we look at the refined designs that the salon has come up with! Brides-to-be would also definitely be impressed by the meticulous service that the Japanese chain serves up — you can either choose to specify your preferred colours and designs, or better still, show your manicurist pictures of your dress, hair and makeup on your big day, and let her come up with a custom design to go with your look! This will definitely be a special complement to your overall look on your wedding day.


While the average price of a gel manicure at kiyone+LIM ranges from $100-$150 and may be one of the pricier ones out there, judging from the pleasant experience and final results, we say that it is definitely money well spent.

181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central
Singapore, Singapore 238896