Beauty Treatments that Might Do You More Harm Than Good

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day and it comes at no surprise that many ladies would spare no expenses in going for facials, scrubs and other beauty treatments just to get your body in tip-top condition. While there is no harm in pampering yourself just that bit more in the lead up to your wedding, you might wish to take more caution in seeking out the suitable treatments.

Never, never, be last-minute

Well, to put things in a more precise manner, there is nothing wrong with going for beauty treatments. But some of these treatments we will be highlighting below might give you not-so-positive results if you do them too close to your wedding date. We can never over-stress the importance of getting your beauty and hair treatments done ahead of time! In this way, you will still have time to remedy the situation if anything goes wrong.

For hair, don’t opt for a hairstyle change when your wedding is coming up no matter how tempting the idea might be. While a fresh look might seem appealing, it would be safer to stick to a style that is “tried and tested” — something you know you will look good in. Changing your hairstyle at the last moment might also jeopardise any prior plans you might have made with your wedding stylist beforehand. For colour, always remember that your hair colour will change slightly after a couple of washes, so do allocate some lead time for the colour to settle in.

Same goes for your facials. If the thought of a deep cleansing facial before your wedding sounds good to you, think again. Deep cleansing facials might cause undesirable breakouts as they bring the impurities in your skin closer to the surface. Aggressive facials like these might also cause redness and irritation for brides with more sensitive skin. That’s why we recommend that you get a gentle exfoliating or moisturising facial instead. And always, do remember to give yourself some buffer time, in case your skin reacts to the treatments!

The last point we want to touch on is diets. For brides who are laying off the carbs and going for a juice diet to detox and slim down, we would advise you to think again as well, especially if you do not practise such diets usually. A sudden switch of diets and eating habits can cause mood swings and lethargy, which are two things you want to avoid as a bride! Instead, maintain your usual amount of food intake, but pay more attention to making sure you get a healthy and nutritious meal (a little bit of calorie counting won’t harm as well, if you really wish!)

We first read these tips over at Martha Stewart Weddings.