Best colors for your bridesmaid dress


If you think looking for your wedding dress is difficult, try putting yourself in your bridesmaids’ shoes. The style, length, and color of the average bridesmaids dress are, most of the time, non-negotiable. Here’s how we think you can please even the most difficult bridesmaid.

1. Mint
Mint is so flattering on so many complexions and we love this fresh color in a range of shades from light and subtle to its deep rich, almost jade, hue,” explains Lovely Bride’s Cassandra Quinn.

2. White
Try selecting ivory or white tones for your bridesmaids, which is compatible with most skin tones.

3. Navy
It is timeless and rarely sparks any disagreements among people of the most diverse likings.

4. Black
There’s a reason why black is linked with the term “classic”, right?

5. Burgundy
Rich, vivid hues like burgundy look amazing on most ladies.

6. Emerald Green
Fashion-forward brides may wish to channel 2014’s fairytale trend by selecting emerald green for bridesmaid dresses.