Brainstorming gatecrash ideas


One of the most important duties of being a jiemei in Singaporean weddings, is coming up with entertaining game-plans for the wedding gatecrashing ceremony.

For the Chinese, the gatecrash is an inevitable rite of passage all grooms have to undergo on the morning of their wedding day, as a symbol to “win approval” from the brides’ family and friends. In the process, the groom, together with his xiongdis, undergo challenging games before getting approval to enter the bride’s house and kiss his bride. While there have been criticisms about how some gatecrashes have resulted in humiliating and overboard activities, the tradition seems here to stay with majority of the Chinese population sticking to the ritual as a to-do in their morning “迎娶” custom.

If you and your fellow jiemeis are fretting over what to do for an upcoming wedding, here are a few gatecrashing ideas this W&T writer will be doing at a friend’s upcoming wedding.

1. Song and dance
How to: Choose a lovey-dovey ballad like Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” or have the groom dance to popular tunes with trademark dance moves like “Gangnam Style”.

Apart from being one of the easiest activity (it requires minimal preparation), the song and dance segment is by far one of the best ways to get everyone into party mode early in the morning. For grooms who shun the microphone at karaoke sessions, this is one rare chance to see them perform. For those who are not afraid to showcase themselves, this segment will make for good video material for the evening banquet!

2. Challenge the taste buds
How to: One of the must-haves in any gatecrash. Make “酸甜苦辣” (Sour, Sweet, Bitter and Spicy) your theme and come up with 4 dishes or drinks that fits the bill. Spice up the game with a series of Q&A specific to the bride (like: “How many Hello Kitty dolls does she have?” or “How many As did she get for her O’ levels?” or “How many teeth did she extract for her braces?”) and have the groom down the “special” brews whenever he gets the answer wrong.

3. Hide and Seek
How to: The main objective of this game is to make it difficult for the groom to find the door key and hence enter the house. There are many ways to do this:
– Freeze the key in a big block of ice and set rules that will up the difficulty level, like no breaking of the ice
– If the bride’s family is on good terms with her surrounding neighbors who are willing to wake up early just to help you, have them as part of the game whereby they have to give out clues to the groom on where the key might be
– Hide the key in a bowl of flour or water. To retrieve the key, the groom and his brothers can feel free to use anything, except their hands.

4. Bend it like Yoga
How to: With the sport fast becoming a favorite among Singaporeans, prepare pictures of Yoga poses and have the groom mimic them.

5. Read off lovey-dovey phrases
How to: Either have the groom pen it down himself or prepare a script for the groom to read off hilarious declarations that he will for one, surrender all of his money and time to his wife-to-be. The more creative the declarations, the better!

One of the most popular statements that many grooms have been made to read is this:
老婆永远是对的。 如果老婆错了,一定是我想错了。 如果我没想错,一定是我听错了。 如果我没听错,一定是我看错了。 如果我没看错,只要她不认错,那她就没错。 如果她认错了,那么参照第一条。

Feel free to contribute your gatecrash ideas or how the above ideas can be improved by writing to us in the below comment box!