Bridal gowns that look fit for everyday wear

On our blog, we previously shared how Hollywood actress Keira Knightley recycled her mid-length Chanel ivory tulle off-shoulder dress not once but thrice (if you missed that entry, click here!) with one of the occasions being her wedding with James Righton in May 2013.

While this notion remains uncommon among the general public, designers showcasing their latest wedding collections at the Bridal Fashion Week in New York City seem to have caught on a little of the recycling bug.

Bucking the norm of runway fashion with all its pomposity and impracticality for everyday activities, we are more than thrilled to find a handful of gems that will make the wedding gown no longer a white elephant in your wardrobe.

1. Elizabeth Stuart Fall 2014
Romanticism with a modern twist, is what characterizes Elizabeth Stuart’s latest collection and the epitome of it all is this design which pairs a traditional huge dress bodice with a contemporary crop top. We’re sure the top can be put to good use after the big day, for both office attire as well as casual weekends.
elizabeth stuart
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2. Angel Sanchez Spring 2015
Floral elements, embroidery and lace all with a touch of mod inspiration define Angel Sanchez’s brand new bridal collection. Versatility is key in this collection and best exemplified in the below two mid-length dresses that we absolutely adore!
angel sanchez 2

angel sanchez 1
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3. Temperley Bridal Summer 2014
A jumpsuit is perhaps the last thing on our minds when browsing through a bridal collection but the latest summer series by Temperley Bridal redefined expectations with its all-white piece. The other chiffon piece we included in this entry makes for a sophisticated wear on a night’s out.
temperley 1

temperley 2
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4. Houghton Spring/Summer 2015
Minimalist is the theme in this collection. By forgoing the usual beading, embroidery and lace found in typical wedding gowns, the result is a series that emphasizes on sleek lines and exudes chic and effortless. We especially love the silky pantsuit that can easily be seen as a staple in the low-fuss everyday getup.
houghton 1

houghton 2
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5. Watters Fall 2014
A lacy romper is undeniably the biggest surprise in the Watters Fall collection and we’re sure you’ll have no difficult wearing this out for day-to-day activities.
watters 1

watters 2
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