Bride takes wedding photos… alone

Remember our previous post on having one of a kind wedding photos? (Click here if you missed it.) This week, we found yet another bride who opted for something different by shooting her wedding photos, alone.

1(Photo Credit: Claudia Nallely’s facebook)

The bride in question is Claudia Nallely Agres, 21, from America who tied the knot with her husband Matthew Agres, 24, in December 2011. Despite being married for two years now, Claudia hasn’t been able to realize her dream of having a big church wedding and proper bridal shoot, due to Matthew’s enlistment with the military. In fact, the couple lived apart after their wedding ceremony for nearly 8 months, when Matthew went through basic training. Now, they are reunited in Germany, following Matthew’s posting to an Air Force base but the couple haven’t found time for a proper ceremony nor shoot yet.

Somewhat ironic is the fact that Claudia works as a full-time bridal model. Having posed as a happy bride in so many photo shoots, Claudia didn’t quite expect that she would have such a hard time planning for a photo that she can rightfully call hers.

Until, a wedding photographer named Ryan Brenizer, whom Claudia previously worked with, decided to make things right. “She’s been pretending to be a bride for years. For someone who has been in all these fabulous gowns, she had no photographs of herself as a bride,” Brenizer thought.

So in February this year, he planned for a unique shoot in London for Claudia. Inspired by Jan von Holleben’s Dreams of Flying project, Brenizer decided to create a series of fantasy scenes that would be different from the typical shoots that Claudia has taken.

In a vintage wedding gown, Claudia can be seen riding on a bike amongst clouds (that are actually created from toilet papers, what genius!) and floating into a fantasy world filled with flowers, hand in hand with her “groom”. The entire process lasted for an hour and a half, with Claudia lying on the ground with her props and Brenizer taking shots from above.

On the photos, Claudia said “This was fun and different, not many photographers want to do that! But I guess, we still hope to be able to actually have the real thing.”

So do we at W&T. While the fantasy-themed photos are gorgeous, we certainly hope that beautiful Claudia gets to shoot a real wedding photo with her hubby Matt soon. After all we think every bride deserves a shot of herself looking absolutely radiant and happy with the one she loves.

What do you think of Claudia and her most unusual wedding photo? Would you do something similar? Drop us your thoughts!