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Bring In The Garden

Inside every woman’s heart, there lives a little who dreams of a rustic garden wedding.

The Inspiration

A homely garden setting accented with incandescent crystal wares and chandeliers.


Creating the Theme

It is a juxtaposition of antiquated feel and refreshing country ambience, using bundles of flowers with a tinge of ashy finishing and a medley of items that date back to the bygone days.

The dessert area is fashioned after an English maiden’s vanity table with a vintage-inspired oval mirror, toothsome pastries and adorable tiny heart-shaped chocolates. The lofty presence of a glass chandelier next to the “vanity table” exudes an air of aristocracy.

Break the ice in the room full of near strangers by encouraging your guests to take a stroll in your “homely garden” with visually enticing themed set-ups.

In one corner of the hall, a display shelf is placed to create the look of a home. Items that reflect the couple’s likes, love story and hopes for the future are categorised and arranged on the rack.

Guest tables are glamorised with crystals glassed and sweetened with light lacy tablecloths and granny’s knitted table runners. The floral tableau is subtly enhanced by a modest, chest-level botanical centrepiece, a setting that facilitates unobstructed conversations.

Flowers effortlessly add colours and style to any room. Some couples are not fans of artificial flowers as they feel that fresh is the best. But to create this ethereal mood, ashy fake posies are a choice above their fresh counterparts and you can be rest assured that no browning petal will spoil the picture.


Doing it Yourself

This theme is not about boldness and grandeur, but the little thoughts and things that your guests can hold in their hands and go “aww.”

Pepper the function hall with small props and interesting talking pieces such as an old typewriter and cute mini candy boxes.

The wedding favours can also be mini and related to things you can spot in garden. Some ideas include love dove card holders and butterfly chocolates.

To excite your guests further, rent a swing, dress it up with flowers, and there you have it: a romantic prop for photo-taking.

If you fancy a more casual picnic style dinner setting, simple use gingham tablecloths or placements on the guest tables to completely transform the atmosphere.