Burn calories fast in just 30 minutes!

Are you busy with planning your wedding all day with no time to relax, much less to exercise? Are you worried you won’t be in shape on your big day? Worry no more because ActiveHive – a fitness and wellness company that strives to help individuals maintain a healthy balance between their life and workout goals – has an innovative solution for common weight problems. 10679589_1689376191337186_3591320123634757010_o

Priding itself on providing holistic solutions with exercises that will keep you healthy, fit and happy quickly, ActiveHive has brought in a Minus Calories hi-tech workout equipment using modern technologies. Offering Minus Calories 30min workout sessions that can be achieved with this equipment, the workout is designed to expedite faster burning of calories as well as increasing your stamina and energy levels. The infrared light and negative ions released during the workout helps to burn calories quickly, stimulates collagen production for better skin, encourages the production of endorphins or “happy hormones” and detox your body, along with other benefits!


After your 30 minutes workout session, you will be treated to a glass of freshly-squeezed juice that is specially-concocted with a mix of fruits and vegetables. The juice complements your workout and helps to refresh and rejuvenate your body after the workout. Your body can quickly recover and build itself up to be stronger than before.

Other than the Minus Calories workout, you can also opt for yoga sessions that can help to tone your muscles, build body strength and attain a balanced well-being through calming breathing techniques.


With such personalized and private wellness programs offered by ActiveHive, you can reduce the stress from wedding preparations, and look forward to a healthier body in no time! Just 30 minutes per session and you will be well on your way to looking and feeling beautiful, younger and more energized on your big day!

Take up the Minus Calories 30 Days Shape Up Challenge now! Call 6384 2758 or 9236 4678 to book your trial workout today!

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