Buy Local This Christmas!

With just one more week to Christmas, it’s time to hit the panic button if you have not started on your Christmas shopping! And during this season of giving, what would be more meaningful than getting your beau one of these lovingly crafted goods from our local retailers and designers? To help you get going, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite picks for him below!

1. Terrarium from Green Banana
(Prices from S$25 onwards)

If you think all practical gifts do not do too well in the aesthetics department, these beautiful terrariums by Green Banana will have you thinking again. Apart from being a useful piece of decoration that can provide some rest for his eyes during work, looking at this little oasis of green is sure to brighten up his day as well.

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2. Leather goods from Miller Goods
(Prices start from S$10)

If your beau swears by the words ‘stylish’ and ‘dandy’, then these lovely handcrafted leather goods from Miller Goods will definitely make his day. Apart from coming in sleek sophisticated colours (black and brown only, please), the designs will also appeal to the clean-cut aesthetics of men. And the best part is, apart from having the usual suspects like card holders, Miller Goods has also included some useful goods such as cable bands and iPad cases. All the better for your tech-savvy man, we say.

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3. Interior goods from Tradesfolk

(Prices start from S$9)

If your man’s a great purveyor of style and loves to surround himself with cleverly designed interior goods, we’ll bet the exclusive selections at Tradesfolk would be good up his alley! From tastefully designed timepieces, to curious looking lamps and wall ornaments, to high quality basics (we’re loving the simple and chic socks in the store!), each item is thoughtfully curated by the Tradesfolk team, and is guaranteed to convey great sense.

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