Celebrity Wedding: Huang Xiaoming & Angelababy


From breakup rumours to high-key public displays of affection, Huang Xiaoming, 37, and Angelababy’s, 26, romance have hogged the entertainment spotlight for as long as it has been going on. And finally, it is official — the photogenic couple have just registered their marriage at Huang’s hometown in Qingdao, China.

Following news of their marriage, Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy have also released their pre-wedding photos to the media. The photos are all sweet and lovey-dovey, with Huang kissing a bashful Angelababy, or with the couple sharing cheeky and playful moments on set.

Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy first met through a mutual friend in 2009 and have been dating for the past six years. The couple first confirmed their relationship last year, when Huang orchestrated a surprise on Angelababy’s 25th birthday, which saw him dishing out a lavish Lamborghini birthday gift for his lady.

Congratulations to the beautiful couple!

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(Photos from Sohu)