Celebrity Wedding : Moylie Wu and Philip Lee

For ex-TVB actress Moylie Wu, the end of 2015 was the beginning of a new chapter in her life. She had officially become Mrs Lee as she married Philip Lee, a Hong Kong businessman on the 28th of December.

It was a star studded wedding event as Moylie, a popular actress who had appeared in numerous TV dramas and movies, had friends from the entertainment industry attending her big day. It was jokingly rumored that her wedding event was similar to TVB’s annual celebration show where all the artistes would attend.

And it was in great anticipation to look forward to what the bride wore on that day. Moylie who had recently opened a bridal store “KEVOLIE” would have no lack of wedding dresses to choose from.

She wore a stunning white mermaid-like wedding dress from her own store while her husband wore a smart white suit during the solemnization.

image002Courtesy of hk.apple.nextmedia.com

For the tea ceremony, the pair wore traditional Chinese wedding clothes. The “gua” that Moylie wore cost a whopping HKD$200,000 – 3D dragons and phoenixes hand-stitched for almost a year. Certainly looking all bling-bling in that!

image003Courtesy of ixiumei.com

For the evening reception at Ritz Carlton, Moylie wore a bright red lace top elegant dress from her own store.

image005Courtesy of hk.apple.nextmedia.com

She also wore another beautiful V-line Marchesa gold dress for the evening.

image007Courtesy of hk.apple.nextmedia.com

A couple of days after the wedding, the pair returned to Philip’s hometown to pay respects at the ancestral hall. Moylie wore a red dress with a jacket while Philip was cladded in a red sweater and jeans attire. Moylie wrote on her Instagram that she loved this red dress. The residents present teased the couple with wishes that they may have one or two kids soon. Moylie replied jokingly that she was aiming for three.

May this lovely couple be in an everlasting and blissful marriage from hereforth!

image009Courtesy of moyliewu weibo