China’s hottest wedding photography trend

underwater wedding
(Picture credit to BBC)

A new way of shooting wedding photos is trending in the mainland and that is to go underwater.

According to BBC, China’s marriage market has been booming along with its economy for the past few years.
According to state media, the money spent on ceremonies, catering, honeymoons and hospitality for one’s big day in China has grown from almost nothing a couple of decades ago to a whopping annual 800 billion yuan ($130 billion).

Couples are willing to fork out the money to commemorate their nuptials in a big and unique way. Other than flying to South Korea for a K-pop wedding photography, going underwater for a photoshoot – pioneered by a Shanghai-based wedding firm called Mr Wedding – is the next big thing.

“People can do a lot of almost impossible postures under water,” the founder and owner of Mr Wedding Tina Liu said, according to BBC. “The sense of losing gravity creates the beauty of floating.”

According to CNBC, Mr Wedding first came up with this concept 2 years ago. They proceeded to build a tank in their studio for the service, which started gaining traction a year later. Liu says the service attracts mostly younger couples who crave for adventure and uniqueness.

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