Classic Luxury for Your Big Day!

Wedding venue: Checked

Wedding gown and suit: Checked

Wedding favours: Checked

Wedding transport: Not sure

Mulsanne Turbo S 3 (2)

You have everything on your list checked for your big day. But oh no, your bridal car is still not settled! Fret not, The Wedding Limo Company provides catered limousine services specially for wedding couples to travel around on their wedding day.


Stand out from the many modern cars on the road and make a sublime and glamorous entrance, by choosing from their awe-inspiring collection of classic luxury cars that are up for hire.

bentley S2 side

If you are one that prefers uniqueness over uniformity, there are plenty of vintage cars like the ‘00s Rolls-Royce Phantom, ‘80s Bentley Mulsanne Turbo S and the ‘60s Morris Minor that you can opt for.


These classic cars will certainly add a magical touch of fun and fantasy for you and your loved one. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy being chauffeured around in style and majesty.

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The Wedding Limo is located at 204 Bukit Timah Road. Call 6835 4600 for more information.