Congrats! Sammi Cheng, Ayumi Hamasaki and Kelly Rowland says yes

Happy news abound before the end of 2013 and as we heard, three very much-loved female singers will be brides-to-be in the new year ahead.

After years of are-they-married-or-not speculations, Hong Kong songbird Sammi Cheng finally said yes to long-time beau, singer Andy Hui. The 40-year-old Cantopop queen, who previously confessed of being afraid to get married, seems to have allayed her fears when 44-year-old Hui, with whom she had a 22-year long on-off relationship, proposed during her birthday party this year.

Rumor has it that the couple have had a low-key wedding in Bali, Indonesia on 30-Nov but according to Sammi’s manager who spoke to the media on 24-Dec, the couple are only in Bali to celebrate and will formally register for marriage in Hong Kong next year.

It was a whirlwind engagement announcement that caught both the media and fans by surprise.

“I got engaged on Dec 12 Los Angeles time. He is just an ordinary graduate school medical student. Please watch over us,” were the words J-Pop Queen Ayumi Hamasaki left on her fan club website earlier this month.

The short message left the media scrambling to find clues which will tell more about Hamasaki’s fiance. Citing news sources, Apple Daily Taiwan said the songstress’ other half, who is not identified, is from the University of California, Los Angeles. He is 10 years her junior. It is said that they met in January and romance bloomed in the spring.

While Hamasaki did not mention a wedding date but media are speculating that she entered the United States recently with a foreign-citizen fiancee visa which stipulates that she must marry her American fiance within 90 days of arrival.

Earlier last month, one-third of female group Destiny’s Child, Kelly Rowland, got engaged to her manager, Tim Witherspoon. On ‘The Queen Latifah Show’, the ‘X Factor’ judge revealed that her boyfriend proposed over Skype while she was travelling in Bulgaria. “It was so late and we were both … staring at each other,” she recounted. “It was just that simple to say yes. I was like, ‘I got my best friend to ride through life with.’ He really is my best friend.”

Her wedding is said to be equally unconventional, going by Hollywood norms. Going all the way to keep her wedding small and private, Kelly Rowland told People magazine recently that she would not be inviting any guests to the ceremony.

“I think we just really want it to be us and our pastor. That’s it. I mean, we are the only two that’s going to be in the marriage. You have to pay for food for everyone and I’m not down with that. Everyone is there just to be nosy and see who I’m wearing.” Well said, girl!