Cool! This engagement ring box blew us away!

clifton engagement case1

If you always wondered why the ring box comes in just one shape and size (and the men probably find it a little too bulky for their pockets) and reckon that it’s time for a change, here’s one piece of great news.

First read on Buzzfeed, the man behind this ingenious ring box is 26-year-old Andrew Zo who decided to take it upon himself to fix the “flaw” he sees in the ring box – too bulky.

“The friends that I had interviewed told me that it is a very nerve-wrecking experience trying to hide a very bulky box in the pocket,” he said according to the site.

clifton engagement case2

And so Zo decided to come up with this Clifton engagement ring case, which is flat and thin enough to fit into a wallet! Grooms-to-be can finally say goodbye to the unsightly bulge in your pocket while trying to spring a surprise on your girlfriend!

Zo, who is based in Vancouver, crafts each box by hand. According to Buzzfeed, he has had so many orders for the USD$90 ring box that he’s had to stop taking orders until end-September!