Cool Weddings: A magical Harry Potter-inspired wedding

Movies are fast becoming an increasingly popular source of inspiration for couples who want to have a unique wedding or bridal photo collection.

Ditching the run-of-the-mill dinners for their wedding, Andy and Christine decided to opt for a wedding inspired the popular movie series, which was what brought the couple together – They knew each other online through a news post about the movie franchise!


Here’s the couple in an idyllic village littered with huts that remind us of Hagrid’s house!

hogwarts express
In case you forgot, before getting to Hogwarts one will need to take the Hogwarts Express. Guests at this wedding were asked to hop on the “train” to get to dining area.

Invitations were exquisitely done!

sorting hat
Finding your seat has never been more fun – just leave it up to the sorting hat!

Your certification to the house that you belong!

dining hall
The splendor inside the Great Hall. (All photos credit to here)