Couple parody movie posters for their wedding invite

Movies are one of Singaporeans’ biggest past time and a daily fixture on our weekends-to-do so we are sure you will love this ingenious idea that this couple had, all in the name of ensuring that their wedding invite stood out from the norm.

American photographer Joshua Watson and his fiancee Rachel had wanted to announce their wedding in a most creative way. Living just 30 minutes away from Hollywood, the couple did the most logical thing to do for residents in California — to parody their favorite movie or television show posters and make them into their wedding invites.

With the help of another photographer Jordan Nakamura, the couple worked hard on the concept, design and production. The result, 7 faithfully reprised parody posters/wedding invites that are so fun and entertaining to look at! Have a look at these photos and try guessing which movies they are from:




More amazing photos of Joshua and Rachel can be found here.