Couples make bad weather part of their wedding photos

Weather is always a top concern for couples planning on having bridal photography or wedding ceremony outdoors. Especially here in Singapore, when the humid weather or otherwise heavy rain at the end of every year make staying outdoors hardly conducive for anything.

But not all bad weather are bad, it seems. W&T is enthralled by this series of photos, compiled by the Huffington Post, which pictures brave couples making full use of bad weather conditions in their wedding photos. We hope you’ll be inspired too.

Bridal photos lately usually encompasses a moment when the bride/groom looks at his/her reflection in the mirror. Now, who knows a puddle can do the same too?
(Photo credit: Trevor Dayley Photography, Posted on Reddit by notsurehowtosaythis)

Muddy waters doesn’t necessarily make for ugly pictures. Look at how this couple reversed that.
(Photo credit: Posted to Reddit by lukevsluke)

(Photo credit: Michele Beckwith, Posted on Reddit by Eyalush)

It was raining, but so what?
(Photo credit: Posted on reddit by passalltheworld)

Our favorite photo of the lot. It is said that the couple braved a blizzard to have this taken and the outcome? Breathtaking.
(Photo credit: Crystal Heis, Posted on Reddit by RideTi)

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