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Creative Way to Design Exclusive Wedding Invitation

Parts of a Wedding Invitation

If you are going for a contemporary style, anything goes – from fun and fanciful to chic and stylish, you are limited only by your own creativity. If you are going for the traditional from however, here are a few things to include:


  • Inner & outer envelopes

The outer envelope bears the stamp and address of your guest (it should contain the return address in case your invitation fails to reach the intended recipient) while the inner envelope encloses the names of those you are inviting.

Tips: Even if you are going for the non-traditional manner, it is still a good idea to have an inner and outer envelope so that if the latter gets damaged or soiled in the mailing process, the former stays unblemished.


  • RSVP cards

Also known as response cards, they allow your guests to inform whether or not they will be attending your wedding and if so, how many guests they will be bringing. RSVP cards are normally accompanied by pre-stamped and addressed envelopes to encourage your guests to send them back.

If a guest has not replied 2 weeks before the wedding, it would be a good idea call him up and confirm his attendance. RSVP cards are a small expense, considering that they let you make any necessary changes to catering or seating early in the stage.


  • Save The Date cards

With the hectic pace of the society, it becomes increasingly important to give your guests as much notice as possible. Save The Date cards are not part of the actual invitation and are sent out at least 3 months prior to the wedding. They are normally sent to guests who live overseas and may be essential to the planning for flights or taking time off from work.


  • Invitation cards

Containing the time, date and venue of the special occasion, they are traditionally printed on a 6”x4” or 7”x5” stiff, smooth card.


  • Map cards

Containing a map with directions to your wedding venue, they are printed as a courtesy to guests who may not be familiar with the area.