Creative wedding invites

We love it when newlyweds throw in creativity and innovation into their wedding. While most attention is usually focused on decor and attire, don’t leave out the nitty gritty like wedding invitation cards. Talk about leaving a good first impression, so why not give your wedding cards a makeover and surprise your guests with your creativity? Get started with what we found right here.

For the music lovers. (Photo Credit: here)

A stationery suite with several special details: cards tied together with twine, a tree wax seal, and a rubber stamped return address. (Photo Credit: here)

Channel your foodie personality with this. (Photo Credit: here)

Wow. (Photo Credit: here)

A handkerchief invite? Now that’s something special! Plus, it comes with a custom-illustrated map of the wedding location. (Photo Credit: here)

More ideas on how to use cloth, instead of the usual paper, for your invites. (Photo Credit: here)

Vibrant colors and out-of-the-norm designs are some easy ways to make your invites special. (Photo Credit: here)

For those who love traveling. You can even work your travel photos into your invites! (Photo Credit: here)

Another way to make use of your pre-wedding bridal photos, they shouldn’t be left just in the album. (Photo Credit: here)