Daniel Chan Gets Married!

(Photo from Channel Newsasia)

In happy news from the entertainment industry, Hong Kong singer-actor heartthrob Daniel Chan has just gotten hitched to his 26-year-old girlfriend, Wang Yu Xian!

And to make it double happiness, Daniel Chan also announced during his low-key wedding event on 12 February 2014 that the couple is already expecting their first baby, who is likely to be a girl.

On the new addition to his family, Daniel said, “Actually, the child’s gender doesn’t matter. She is due to give birth sometime in July, August and I will personally cut the umbilical cord.”

While rumours were rift that this was a shotgun marriage, Daniel was quick to clarify that this was definitely not the case — the couple only found out about Wang’s pregnancy after making the decision to get married.

Daniel Chan also said that he originally wanted to make it a private event, and only intended to put up a simple announcement on his weibo after the wedding. However, he was “thwarted by ‘people around me who kept leaking the news'”.

A big congratulations to Daniel Chan!

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