Deerly Beloved: A Wedding Surprise

(Photo from Today News)

Erick Fix and Lauren Ruff, both 29, never expected that their wedding photos would go viral when they slipped out during their wedding dinner to snap some photographs around the estate where the wedding was held. The magic moment occurred when a small herd of about nine deers started to gather and graze right behind the spot where Erick and Lauren were having their photos taken.

While the couple work in the entertainment industry and are no stranger to buzz, they’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response around their photos nonetheless. “It’s so funny! I can’t even believe it,” Lauren told Today News. “It really is an incredible shot. When we saw it, we said, ‘we really have to frame that.”

2D274906856759-140925-fix-wed-01.blocks_desktop_large 2D274906858808-140925-fix-wed-03.blocks_desktop_large(Photos from Today News)

The couple held their wedding at a close friend’s estate in New Jersey, where deers are often spotted around the grounds. The estate is also home to a pond nearby, which houses domesticated ducks.

Reading Erick and Lauren’s story only serves to reinforce what we’ve always believed — the best moments on your wedding day almost always happens by accident! That’s why we always advise brides: Keep away the Bridezilla and don’t get too worked up or stressed out over your wedding! Chances are, your guests would not even have noticed what you thought was a glaring mistake.

Enjoy the moment; that’s when the magic happens.