DIY Wedding Favours

There are many reasons to DIY your wedding favours — not only does it give you some cool savings that you can splurge elsewhere in your wedding, it also adds a nice personal touch to what your loved ones take away from your special day. While the idea might seem overwhelming at first, you’ll be happy to find out that DIY wedding favours do not necessarily require a lot of trouble, and are definitely not only for the artistically inclined! Take a look at some of these easy but chic DIY wedding favours and get inspired!


1. Homemade Jam (Image from here)

Homemade jams are relatively simple to make, yet impressive when they’re completed. The flavours of the jam can be based on your favourite fruits, or better still, the fruits in season. Finish off with some pretty fabric and handmade labels and wow your guests! Especially great for outdoor and garden weddings.




2. Candies (Images from here, here and here)

Candies are a great choice as fuss-free wedding favours as they are inexpensive and absolutely easy to package! Take your pick from boxex, bags, cones, and even paper to create a beautiful candy package for your guests — the final product is versatile as you can easily match the choice of materials to suit the theme of your wedding! We love Tip Junkie‘s handy round up that features 38 tutorials in making paper flowers. For customised handmade hard candy in Singapore, try Sticky.


3. Cookies (Image from here)

Cookies are surprisingly easy to make — they’re highly foolproof even for kitchen beginners, and you just need the help of some cool cookie moulds to make your cookies presentable. Easy peasy. Last we checked, they’re also a hit among guests of all ages. Need we say more?


4. DIY Coasters (Image from here)

We love Bayside Bride‘s amazing DIY coaster tutorial that teaches you how to make a coaster set without the help of a sewing machine! (Yes, you heard us right!) Apart from being pleasing on the eyes, this is also a lasting wedding favour that your guests can put to use in their homes, and be reminded of your lovely day at that! The pattern and touch of twine around the borders of the coasters set remind us of a nautical theme — great for that beach or yatch wedding.


5. Coffee Bags (Image from here)

With all the craze with cafes nowadays, why not give your savvy guests a bag of coffee beans each to enjoy their fix at home? You will have no trouble finding good coffee beans from the many specialty coffee joints in Singapore such as Smitten, Chye Seng Huat Hardware Store and 40 Hands. Try your luck hunting for some budget-friendly bags at Daiso. And what’s left is just a simple handmade label — materials of which can be easily purchased at Art Friend or Popular.


6. DIY Candle (Image from here)

DIY candles may take a little more time and patience than the other ideas on the list, but we thought, why not? They’re simple to make once you get the hang of it, and you can even personalise it further by adding your favoured scent to the candles. Likewise with your homemade jams, just pack them off with some pretty fabric and handmade labels and you’re good to go!

Do you have other funky ideas for DIY wedding favours? Drop us a note; we’ll love to know!