Double Happiness: A Proposal During A Wedding


Last month we blogged about how popping the question at your friend’s wedding without prior notice was bad wedding etiquette (read it here if you haven’t already) as it upstages your friend’s big day. But that was not the case for bride Chelsea Pulse — in fact, she suggested that her friend Brett Davidson propose to her cousin Megan Creal during her own wedding.

The idea came to Pulse when she found out that Davidson and Creal’s anniversary happened to fall on the same day as her wedding. Keen to make the day extra special for them, Pulse suggested that Davidson propose during the wedding. While Davidson declined at first saying that he wouldn’t wish to steal the couple’s thunder on their big day, Pulse assured him that it would be their honour to commemorate the special moment during their wedding.


The proposal was simple but impactful — instead of throwing the wedding bouquet, Pulse turned around and presented the bouquet directly to Creal. She then gently nudged Creal around to face where Davidson had gotten down on one knee. Due to the unexpected nature of the proposal, the pictures of Creal’s surprise and following delight were just absolutely priceless.


All photos from Huffington Post.