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Enchanted Garden

“I caught a pixie in my hand and it took me to this magic land. It sprinkled its dust on every bud, and beholds its blossom galore!”


The Inspiration

At every turn, in every nook and cranny, the flora and foliage seem to have taken on a life of their own, flaunting their smartest to give you the loveliest wedding you can ever dream of.


Creating the Theme

Finding the perfect location is the foremost task in this grand endeavour. You can want to look for an epic location which provides an unobstructed view of both the bewitching indoor décor and the verdure outside. The most ideal space could be a contemporarily designed ballroom which is inspired by the nature, allowing light and greenery to permeate the spacious interiors whilst providing the perfect setting for both day and night celebrations. The allure of this theme is by amalgamating the power of sight and smell to appeal to the senses of your guests.

In most weddings, special table floral centrepieces are reserved for the VIP and food tables. You can take the flower power further to design floral arrangements for three of the gusts tables which will make a great talking point at dinner.

Not to mention, an amazing scented candles on the tables do more than just entertain the guests. They add warm depths to the lighting and perfume the ballroom with sweet floral notes. Perhaps you may prepare a wonderful wedding cake laced with pearls that takes on soft pastel tones that blend easily into the lush surroundings but yet stand out for its womanly grace.

Doing it Yourself: Ideas & Tips

To let your guests take home beautiful memories of your indoor garden wedding, you can get some candles that match with the scented candles you use for the ballroom. Pack it elegantly to impress your guests.