Exotic Animals at Your Wedding – Yay or Nay?

(Photo from Wall Street Journal)

So you’ve seen the use of white horses at a wedding. But have you come across say, a llama or elephant at a wedding? The idea is not as far-fetched as it seems — in fact, the use of exotic animals seem to be a rising trend for couples who are looking for that something to make their weddings a little more special.

To begin with, many animal-loving couples see the idea of working wildlife into their proposal or wedding as a way to embrace their interests. 30-year-old Kyle Guthro is one such example — knowing that his wife was crazy for adorable penguins, he paid US$349 for a “penguin proposal” package, which saw he getting down on one knee after the couple had completed an up close and personal experience with the penguins.

Other times, couples opt for the use of exotic animals in their weddings for good luck or pure romance. A favourite it seems would be the release of large quantities of butterflies into the air just as the couple finishes their vows. Elsewhere, some couples have favoured the use of elephants in their ceremonies as elephants are seen as a symbol of good luck (in the Indian culture). Activists have much to say about both practices — they believe that commercially reared animals held in captivity are often mistreated by animals, and the use of animals in such ways are more heartless than romantic.

Would you consider the use of exotic animals in your own wedding? Share your views with us!

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