Fall In Love

Scent links to memories, a moment, a special someone. – Debbie Wild, Lifestyle Director, Jo Malone London

When it wafts through the air, it is a soundless voice that whispers into your ears, an effortless power that conjures images of yore to your mind. How do scents affect your mood? W&T talks to Debbie Wild who shows us true scents should be unpretentious and non-synthetic to connect to our souls.


What was our first scent memory? How did that influence you?

As a small child I liked making my own scents from crushed petals and leaves in the garden, pretending to be a perfumer and giving them to my friends and family. I think I always loved the idea of scent as an expression of someone’s unique personality and mood.

Later on, I was instantly drawn to Jo Malone London when I received my first gift – a bottle of Cologne nestled in black tissue in the cream and black box and wrapped with a stiff ribbon. I loved the simple elegance of presentation and of the scent itself.

Our scent memory bank is full of personal recollections form different stages in our lives, starting from early childhood. Certain scents trigger memories of people, places, music and moments throughout your lifetime. As far back as I can remember I have always preferred more masculine and spicy scents.


Why is scent so important? How does it related to travel?

Scents evoke memories; memory of a place, a person. It is also a way to bring a sense of home with you when travelling.

Can you tell me about your role as Lifestyle Director at Jo Malone London?

I have been a part of the brand since 2006. The journey has been an incredible experience. Being the Lifestyle Director for Jo Malone London I find myself visiting wonderful places, discovering new foods, fashions and architecture. I tell the brand story all over the world.

I am passionate about fragrance and how it can change a mood, set a scene or simply make you feel good about yourself. Life is never the same from one day to the next – a week may start where we are presenting a press launch for a beautiful new fragrance in a faraway city and end in our creative studio experimenting with new ingredients.


Is there a scent that is most popular for inducing romance?

I would say Orange Blossom as it is a scent that is suitable for any season. Wear it in the day, followed by Mimoso & Cardamom in the evening would be so perfect. Mimosa & Cardamom is versatile for any venues, be it a beach setting (just picture the sunset with this bohemian scent) or even a city hotel because the scent is so modern and part-like.


Do you have any tips for honeymooners on how to create a romantic ambience on their trip?

Bringing along the scented candles would be the easiest way to scent the room. To enhance the cologne, wear it over body cream or lotion.


In a few words, can you describe the importance of scents in a relationship?

Scent links to memories, a moment, a special someone. Wedding couples can gift to Jo Malone scented candles to guests as a way for them to rekindle the memory of the wedding.