Fashion: All You Need To Know About Veils

Much has been written and said about the perfect dress, but what about the perfect veil to go with it? A common mistake brides make is to focus entirely on the dress, and forget about the veil (and other accessories) that go along with it that can equally break or make the look. We’ve put together this handy guide to pairing the correct veil with your wedding dress to help you make the right fashion choices.

Embellished Wedding Dress

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If you’re going dramatic with your wedding dress, you might wish to go the other end with your veil and opt for something that is more pared down, so as not to take attention away from your show-stopping dress. A cathedral veil that is minimally decorated with a small sprinkling of crystals would be great as it complements the formality of a statement piece without being over the top.

Classic Dress

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Went with a classic and timeless dress but feel that there is just something missing? A gorgeously trimmed veil would be the perfect way to add some glamour to your ensemble. Look out for veils that are trimmed with satin, horsehair, organza or lace. Alternatively, you may also wish to choose veils that feature gorgeous embroidery details.

Statement Back

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If you’ve opted for a low-back or illusion back designs that is all the rage this season, a simple sheer cathedral veil is all you need to complete the look. As they all say, less is more.

Long Train

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The lucky thing if you’ve chosen a wedding dress with a long train is, most veils would go along well with it. While you can feel free to pick from chapel length, angel cut, blusher veils and so on, our favourite would be an ethereal look with a cathedral veil that is longer than your train. How’s that for a scene out of a fairytale?

Modern Dress

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For brides who are a fan of sleek and minimalist silhouettes, a complementing veil would be a short (shoulder to elbow length) veil, or one with a more edgy design such as layered, square-cut or blusher veils. You may also feel free to experiment with a more modern touch on the trims, such as going for a polka dotted one.

Vintage Dress

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If you’ve opted for a vintage dress, a no-brainer choice would be a birdcage veil to complete the yesteryear look. We also recommend drawing some inspiration from the style of the 1930s (we blogged about bridal styles from the decades a few days ago — read it here if you haven’t already).

Bohemian Dress

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For bohemian brides who favour airy and flowing silhouettes, a chapel-length veil would be your best friend as it offers movement without being too long to make it difficult for you to move around in. (Yes, we know freedom is a big thing for you bohemian brides!) For a more romantic look, try accessorising your veil with some jewelled hair pieces.

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