Fashion: Celestina Agostino

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(All images from Celestina Agostino)

Today, Wedding & Travel puts the spotlight on Celestina Agostino, a French designer who has been creating couture bridal dresses for the past 20 years. Looking at the label’s lookbook for its 2014 collection, Celestina Agostino’s creations would strike one as romantic and feminine, but not losing a sense of empowerment for the bride. The high fashion lookbook, which is photographed in black and white, shows the models moving freely in the dresses, and expands on the beauty of the lightness of the dresses’ fabrics and flowing silhouettes.

Celestina Agostino values an intuitive and personalised approach to designing her dresses. For her, the most important thing in the design process is to get to know the bride and what suits her the best. “The greatest compliment is when people don’t recognise my work — if they can tell it’s me behind a gown, it’s mission failed. I don’t start with the dress, I start with the bride. I get to know her and create a style that I think works with her personality, that I go on to work into a gown.”

Unsurprising for a couture label, Celestina Agostino is also known for her use of quality materials to craft her dresses. The designer has famously said that she never uses poor fabrics such as acrylic for her dresses, not even for lining, as it is her belief that a dress should make a bride feel beautiful from inside out.

When asked for her best piece of advice for brides-to-be, Celestina Agostino said, “Choose your wedding dress like you chose your fiancé. It’s a real choice, a big step, so choose a label with which you feel comfortable, where you will remember the team and the atmosphere, because you’ve only got one shot, it’s an experience that you will probably only have once. A wedding gown is a garment that must be respected and that must respect the woman wearing it…. It’s probably the only time in your life that you will wear a long white dress, so make sure it’s the right one.”