Fashion: Claire Pettibone

“I have a very romantic vision of how fashion can enhance our beauty and indulge our dreams. I invite you to share that dream.”

-Claire Pettibone, on her design philosophy

With the year almost coming to an end, there’s nothing like Claire Pettibone’s Continuing collection that makes us all stoked for the new year, and a new spring season ahead!

Here at Wedding & Travel, we’ve always loved Claire Pettibone’s creations for their bold imagination and whimsical romanticism! Spending her early days living in a 19th century farmhouse in rural New York, Claire Pettibone credits her free-spirited childhood as one of the biggest influences behind her ethereal and enchanted style.

Crafted from fine silk and laces, Claire Pettibone’s designs’ strongest suit will no doubt be the effortless melding of vintage inspirations into modern silhouettes, and the rich infusion of delicate trimmings to enhance the look. For starters, we can’t put into words how much we are in love with the generous floral beading details and exquisite floral embroidery that are featured heavily in this collection! Apart from that, the styling of bold blooms in various spring colours, and coral makeup accented with bold blue tones are also spot on with us!

Claire Pettibone-2 Claire Pettibone