Fashion: Delphine Manivet

For those of you who loved cool girl Lily Allen’s vintage bohemian chic wedding dress, you’ll be no stranger to the designer behind it — Delphine Manivet. The French designer manages to create effortless looks that combine the contemporary bride’s functional needs (easy to move in, check; practical and comfortable, check) with a romantic and feminine aesthetic — definitely the best of both worlds, if you ask us.

Lily Allen’s Delphine Manivet wedding dress (photo from Pinterest).

Delphine Manivet’s 2015 collection features two series that would appeal to very different brides — the New York collection is a sassy, uptown collection for unconventional brides who are looking simply want to be a more “dressed up” version of themselves on their big day, while the Pagan Bride collection is everything we love about Delphine Manivet — beautiful bohemian wedding dresses galore, with a modern twist.

Pagan Bride Collection

The Pagan Bride collection is a good reflection of Delphine Manivet’s philosophy: the dress should be a girl’s only make-up on her wedding day. The Pagan Bride collection is a strong selection of pieces that reflect the French designer’s timeless aesthetic, while containing features, be it the cut or choice of fabric, that are nonetheless spot on in modern day.

Apart from beautiful A-line dresses (in white and off-white) that would win the hearts of bohemian brides, the collection also features an updated version with a drop-waist, which is one of the trends off this season’s runways. On the other end of the spectrum, the collection also churns out credible urban pieces that would appeal to the city bride — a gorgeous tube shift dress (with pockets!) cut in luxe gold and a white fringe sweater paired with white pants.

A classic bohemian bride look — a white babydoll cut eyelet dress styled with a simple headband.

A sleek shift tube dress cut in luxe gold. Our favourite part? The fact that there are pockets — so functional for the modern bride.

A classic bohemian look with a contemporary twist — the drop waist is one of the hottest trends spotted off this season’s runways.

We’re loving this urban chic get-up that will definitely see itself reused in your everyday wardrobe after the wedding.

One of Delphine Manivet’s best timeless looks that will be perfect for any girl — a flattering A-line dress made in sheer fabric and cut with pleats in all the right places.

More of the adventurous sort? Try this short dress with dramatic puff sleeves that seem to have taken their inspiration from the 1930s.

New York Collection

The New York collection echoes a core belief of Delphine Manivet when designing for her brides — the wedding should be a continuity of something, not a beginning. The French designer believes that all brides want to be a more beautiful version of themselves on their big day, instead of being someone totally different.

This is apparent from the pieces in the New York collection, which contains mix-and-match friendly separates to give brides freedom in wearing what they feel most comfortable in. The extremely ready-to-wear pieces also means that brides can easily incorporate them into their day-to-day wardrobe after the event — definitely a plus point for modern brides.

Apart from separates, the collection also features a solid selection of dresses. Delphine Manivet paired a simple and classic silhouette with beautiful sheer fabrics to maintain a romantic vibe while channeling the uptown vibe of a modern city bride. We are also a fan of the adventurous styling, which includes wide-brimmed hates and asymmetrical braids — definitely very now.

Deceivingly simple, this dress, with its form-fitting bodice with a deep V paired with a babydoll cut dress, is universally flattering.

We can already imagine how this playful mix of a sheer-sleeved top with a pair of perfectly-cut shorts would be great for a tropical beach wedding.

This Grecian-inspired dress is effortlessly chic.

One of our favourites from this collection, this sheer maxi dress is ethereal and romantic while maintaining a modern edge. Definitely Delphine Manivet at her best.

All photos from Delphine Manivet.