Fashion: Elise Hameau









(All images from Elise Hameau)

In many ways, French designer Elise Hameau’s creations are every bit what you would have envisioned about the City of Romance — beautiful, whimsical, and absolutely dreamy; browsing through the designer’s 2014 collection was just so much love.

A graduate from Studio Berçot, Elise Hameau started her career in fashion journalism. It was only in 2011 when she helped her friend make her wedding dress that she began to look into designing again. Listing the 1920s and 1970s as two big sources of her inspiration, Elise Hameau’s pieces are resplendent in their old world charm, what with flowing silhouettes and delicate fabrics. We love how each dress is gorgeous, but at the same time, extremely wearable for the bride. In Elise Hameau’s words, “The essence of the bride’s personality must shine through; everything else is merely detail.”

Apart from her bridal collection, Elise Hameau also has a stunning accessories collection consisting of hair combs, flower crowns, and so on. If you just have a couple of minutes to spare, browsing through the label’s beautiful lookbook is a visual treat in itself.

Visit Elise Hameau’s website here.