Fashion: Floral Accessories for Spring

When we talk about spring, we naturally associate it with images of flowers and blooms. It’s the same for bridal fashion — instead of conventional veils this season, why not consider these pretty floral accessories to spice up your wedding look?

1. Flower Crown

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Thanks to the resurgence in hippie fashion, flower crowns have become one of the most popular hair accessories around, even in mainstream fashion. For brides who are going for a bohemian or vintage wedding, it is of course, an accessory that cannot be missed. On styling, for brides with long hair, we recommend loose voluminous curls to create a romantic look. For brides with mid-length hair, we are in love with a loose bob that is fresh and cute at the same time. For brides with short hair, simply smooth back your locks with some anti-frizz serum for a crisp spring look.

2. Floral Comb

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While flower crowns are perfect for casual and light-hearted affairs, floral combs, on the other hand, are suitable for stately and sophisticated weddings. For a glamorous and extravagant look, turn on the bling and opt for combs that are generously adorned with crystals and diamantes. If you prefer something that is more elegant and romantic, look out for combs that use mixed materials such as pearls and fabric flowers.

3. Fabric Flowers

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Fabric flowers are one of the easiest hair accessories to rock out there — they are suitable for all hair lengths, and the best part is, the disproportionate size that they come in would help to create the illusion of a smaller face. Depending on your gown, you may choose to go for one big single flower for more dramatic effect, or a cluster of different sized flowers for a dainty look. Apart from classic white, also check out flowers in shades of off white and dusty pink, as these colours complement most skin tones as well.