Fashion: Grace Loves Lace

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Grace Loves Lace
(Photos from Grace Loves Lace)

At W&T we delight in helping you find inspiration for your bridal fashion and introducing you to labels that may be under your radar. This month, we’re excited to feature Grace Loves Lace, an Australian brand that draws inspiration from the free spirit of the Bohemian era, and crafts exquisite pieces that exude the old-world vintage charm.

We love Grace Loves Lace for its whimsical dresses that challenge our everyday notion of what makes a bridal dress. As if an anti-statement to the structured, and overly designed wedding gown, Grace Loves Lace’s dresses are light, ethereal, and most of all, natural. The styling and lookbook that fully embrace the modern bohemian girl who has a romantic side also does a great job in bringing out the essence of a Grace Loves Lace dress.

But make no mistake — despite their unpretentious vibe, Grace Loves Lace’s dresses are crafted from fine French lace and silks for maximum style and comfort. You won’t be able to tell from the price tag though — wedding dresses start from about AU$790 and accessories start from AU$39.

Grace Loves Lace