Fashion: H&M Wedding


What is this we hear about H&M coming out with a wedding dress? Budget-conscious brides would be excited to know that the Swedish retailer is set to debut a wedding dress later this month online and in selected stores. But the sweeter part of the deal? The dress will only cost US$99 — definitely a bargain compared to the hefty price tags we are used to paying for wedding dresses!

The dress in question, which has started to make its rounds online, is a delicate white number that echos the romantic Grecian aesthetic. While this is not the first time H&M will be launching a wedding dress (the label’s first wedding piece was a collaboration with avant garde designers Viktor and Rolf in 2006 costing US$349), this is definitely the first time they will be doing so at such a wallet-friendly price.

H&M’s collaboration with Viktor & Rolf in 2006

In contrast to the traditional extravagance of weddings, recent years have seen increasing numbers of modern brides who opt to go small on the wedding, but instead, use the savings on housing, or the honeymoon. Many also believe that such a practice is also gentler and more sustainable for the environment, as we cut down on unnecessary wastage. As a testament to the rise of this market segment, leading retailers in the likes of Vera Wang, and now, H&M, have responded by creating low-cost bridal lines that would cater to the mass market.

This development is definitely welcome from the customers’ point-of-view — this means that brides nowadays enjoy the luxury of greater choice, not only in terms of design, but also budget. It only levels the playing field of wedding planning for modern brides — no longer do we have to rely exclusively on professional wedding planners. Couples who wish to DIY their weddings now have more resources than ever to make it happen.

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