Fashion: Jannie Baltzer

So you’ve got your wedding gown down pat. But that’s not all — now the bigger problem is how to style and accessorise your look to complete it. With that in mind, we’re totally blown away by Jannie Baltzer‘s beautiful creations — delicate, romantic and feminine, they embody what a perfect wedding should be all about.

Hailing from Denmark, Jannie Baltzer has had an illustrious career that has seen her winning accolades such as an honorary prize from Her Royal Highness Princess Benedikte, and frequent features in big-name magazines like VOGUE, Elle and Cosmopolitan.

If you think that Jannie Baltzer’s hair pieces look like perfect accessories for a vintage look, you are absolutely on the right track. Jannie Baltzer  draws inspiration from eras gone by —  the French Bohemianism of the early 1900s, the details of the Art Deco movement and the glamour of 1920s Hollywood. These influences are reflected in the opulent materials she uses to craft her pieces — French lace, Edwardian lace, silk and Preciosa crystals.

What we love most about Jannie Baltzer is her expansive collections that offer a large number of pieces that would be suitable for women of different characters and style. From vintage veils embellished with dainty crystals, to birdcage veils decorated with handmade flowers, to elegant hair pieces crafted with a number of laces, there is sure to be something for every girl out there.

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