Fashion: Joan Shum

Joan Shum



Once in awhile it’s nice to look beyond the major brands and labels to put the spotlight on small personalised designers. In a way, they are closer to the consumer, and many times, they are able to come up with more unique designs because of that!

We took a quick look around Etsy, and were delighted to stumble upon Joan Shum‘s page. There is something charming about Joan Shum’s pieces as they are mostly references to silhouettes from the 1920s to the 1950s, and recall a romantic old-world charm. But then again, there is also something very modern in the pieces — we think it could be the attention to detail that gives the dresses a refreshing and updated look!

We particularly loved the short tube dress paired with a birdcage veil (second picture above) — the flower applique on the skirt of the dress definitely helped to liven up this classic vintage va-va-voom look to make it less ordinary! We also loved the off-shoulder dress (third picture above) that gave off a strong modern bohemian vibe. The dress really reminded us of the heroine in Gone with the Wind (in a good way), and the floral detailing on the skirt is spot on in terms of what’s on trend this season!

We would admit that Joan Shum’s lookbook definitely does not have the matured polish of other more established brands. But what drew our attention was the clarity with which the atmosphere and personality of the brides pictured came through. Looking at the pictures, it is clear that the Joan Shum girl is warm, natural, and romantic in their own kooky way. And needless to say, having your wedding gown encompass who you are about is definitely a great way to start your wedding.