Fashion: Theia Couture

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All you regular readers out there will know the drill by now — every now and then, W&T susses out worthy bridal labels out there who present a different point-of-view from the usual wedding dresses you see on the market! This month, we put the spotlight on Theia Couture.

Founded by Irishman Don O’Neill, the label’s namesake, Theia, was derived from the Greek goddess of the same name who had the power to make whatever she set her sights on glitter. We say, the name cannot be more apt for a label that sets out to create dresses that women can sparkle and shine in!

Looking at Theia Couture’s creations, one can immediately pick up the etherealness and delicacy that can be said to be the signature look of the label. We particularly loved the 2013 collections for their subtle references to the 1950s with details such as small polka dots in pastel shades, and a sweetheart neckline done with a quilting technique! Most of all, the simple but stunning gown with a pink ombre train is reminiscent of Christian Dior’s classic designs from the same era.

Despite being a couture atelier, you will be pleased to know that Theia Couture’s dresses will not necessarily bust your budget. Theia Couture upholds its commitment to quality by using fine brocades from French and Italy, but manages to keep prices affordable by outsourcing part of the production process to China. That’s how the label manages to deliver a dress that exudes couture but costs less than US$1,000!