Fashion: Vera Wang Spring 2015

It is no secret that we at Wedding & Travel are eternal fans of Vera Wang, but we still have to say that Vera Wang has outdone herself again. Based off the concept of ‘Lightness of Being’, Vera Wang’s Spring 2015 bridal collection is just breathtaking.

What really set this Spring 2015 collection apart from previous Vera Wang collections for us, was the daring and edgy approach to the styling. With smudged dark eyes and white eyelashes paired with pale (almost pallid) dewy skin, it is as if a layer of frost has descended on the bride. Definitely a point-of-view that is very different from other Spring collections that draw inspiration from soft colours and florals

From the absolutely minimalist and simple, to the romantic and dramatic, this collection is a play on extremes — delicate and disciplined; sensual and seductive. Vera Wang shows that the same emotion comes through on both sides of the spectrum. On the visual level, we absolutely love the generous use of sheer fabrics that lends an ethereal air to the dresses. However, at the same time, the use of plunging V-necklines, low backs, and interesting cut out details also bring forth a sense of wildness and adventure — an interesting collision of styles.

Well, enough of us talking — we’ll leave the judgment to you as you look through the lookbook! Do also remember to check out the beautiful video at the end of this blog post, which Vera Wang has produced to showcase this Spring 2015 collection. (All photos from Vera Wang)

vw7 vw7b vw7c
There is just something charming about these silk chiffon dresses that are cut in sleek simple silhouettes and paired with sexy wet hair.

vw2 vw3 vw4
Ruched bodices paired with sheer skirts, a lovely interpretation of the mermaid silhouette in the form of a draped tulle skirt. Delicately beautiful.

Beauty look up-close

vw1 vw6 vw6b
A daring Chantilly lace shirtwaist gown crafted with hand applique; loving the web lace long sleeved blouse that is paired with an ivory tulle ball gown — absolutely fashion-forward!

vw5 vw5b vw5b2
Nude high-low ball gown with skirt accented by ruched tulle details and silk organza; Deep V-neck silk charmeuse halter ball gown with ruched tulle skirt. The low back and thin straps are all spot on for Spring 2015!

Chasing Alix | Vera Wang Bride Spring 2015 from Vera Wang on Vimeo.