Feel At Home

New place, new man, new life – this is one wedding idea that embraces them all.


The Inspiration

No matter how many houses you have lived in, your marital abode will always be anchored closet to your heart.

The celebration of your bid day in your newly furbished home will be an exclusive and intimate affair with your loved ones. And incidentally, it can also double as your housewarming bash.


Creating the Theme

Unlike most wedding restaurants that have rather neutral interior designers and can be easily transformed to meet your theme expectations, your marital home is likely to have a striking theme that reflects you and your partner’s taste.

The apartment featured in this article is classy and contemporary with winter colour tones. Our design idea here is to create a homely and sweet – but not bubble-gum sweet – atmosphere that relaxed anyone who comes in through the door. This involves a careful selection of flowers and even the food.

White roses, white eustoma and baby blue hydrangeas are placed around the house to perfume the area. Smiling Orchid has prepared food items that are chosen for their ethereal beauty while others, such as the hot chocolate with baby marshmallows, are food that comforts the soul. And that is the whole idea here: To let your guests feel at home.

Compared to banquet halls the size of several four-room flats, most of the places we live in are constrained by space. So “less is more” is the rule of the thumb here for setting up the place; and do bear in mind that overcrowding does not equate cosiness.

Doing it Yourself: Ideas and Tips

Even if your guests turn up in t-shirts and jeans and you in a simple dress grabbed off a department store rack, there will be no less of the choking emotions and quivering voice as you say “I do”.

To make good use of space for solemnisation, set up a linen-draped table right next to a big window that has ample sunlight pouring in. After the exchange of vows, you can use the same table to display your food.

Even though your house wedding will be small, plan some entertainment programmes which can include playing a homemade video that talks about your love journey and tributes to the families and friends who are present.

Your guests are more likely to remember your small and intimate wedding than the grand ones due to its more personal feel and sentimental value.