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Fit For A Queen

The Inspiration

This is a good old-fashioned wedding theme that bespeaks the Victorian days in 19th century England when expensive finery and exquisite porcelain tableware ruled.

Creating the Theme

In creating this wedding setting, the devil is in the details.

To conjure the royal English castle theme for a unique photo-taking opportunity, an image of serene nature and a stately castle of England is set up at the bridal table. To create a 3D effect, leaves and flowers are stuck loosely on the backdrop. The colour gold, a symbol of wealth and class, is used in modest touches across many parts of the room so as to retain the style of opulence minus the gaudiness.

Over the head, brilliant gold-plated chandeliers light up the room. On the bridal table, gold-rimmed white porcelain ware adds a touch of class. On guest tables, golden beads fill up slender stem glasses to hold up simple flower arrangements. Chairs are upholstered in regal red and gold motifs that match with the carpet flooring.

In a refreshing deviation from the usual fresh blooms, handmade clay flowers overrun the tables.

Doing It Yourself: Ideas & Tips

Finding Victorian-styled wedding favours are rather tricky in this part of the world. Here are some ideas to start you off with. You can find mini bronze or black Victorian-inspired lanterns to symbolise “you light up my life”, or a brass letter opener designed with ornate filigree or a carved portrait of an English lady to represent “you are a cut above the rest”.

If you want to take it a little further, you can prepare wedding favours by the gender. For female guests, you can look for small trinket cases with lovely clay flowers or an antique finish. As for the gentlemen, cufflinks with a Victorian scroll design should do the magic to round off the wedding celebration.