Flying Made Epic

Ever since we were introduced to the gorgeous landscape of New Zealand in The Lord of The Rings movies, fans and travelers from around the world have been flocking to Middle-earth in search of the promised land. And what better way to get there then by the airline that knows New Zealand best?

Our team at Wedding & Travel got to experience it first-hand and are thrilled to share their experience.

Like an assurance of good things to come, our first taste of Kiwi hospitality was on board Air New Zealand via its inflight video – The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made. No more shifting your gaze or nodding off to yet another safety video. Instead, be entertained by the cast from the Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit trilogies as they demonstrate the importance of air safety in an epic yet lighthearted way.


Bound for an epic journey on the official airline of Middle-earth

But what is even more epic is the Skycouch, an innovation exclusive to Air New Zealand. Offered in Economy class only, the Skycouch is a row of three seats with armrests that can be lifted and leg rests that can be stretched out flat to create the closest thing to a bed. The full size of this flexible space is 1.55m in length and 74cm in depth. This means that you and your partner can lay quite comfortably side by side for the nearly 10-hour flight from Singapore to Auckland.

Air New Zealand_Skycouch_Dressed_1500x1000

The only first class experience you can get in the economy section

Not just that, each Skycouch also comes with 2 large pillows, underlay and duvet so you can really get to enjoy the whole experience. Just make sure you don’t get too comfortable or we can’t guarantee that you might start providing sound entertainment for the other passengers with your snores. In case you are wondering, yes, you do have to put seatbelts on when you are in lying position, an extension seatbelt will be provided by the crew.

Air New Zealand_Meals_Economy_Hotcakes_1500x1000

Savour the freshness of New Zealand with every bite

For couples who wish to fly in comfort without the presence of a third party, you need only top up S$600 per way in order to secure the third seat for the Skycouch.

One of the many advantages of flying with Air New Zealand is the various seat categories you get to choose from. If flying Business isn’t an option, then Premium Economy is your next best bet. At first glance, it looks almost like you are in the Business section. The seats are spacious and in a section of their own, away from the normal economy, and offer 50% more recline.

The extendable foot rest elevates your legs and provides a platform to rest your feet on. Even the armrest is wider than those in the economy section so you and your neighbor can rest your elbow at the same time and still have room to place your drinks. After you have settled comfortably into your seat, it is time to check out the inflight entertainment. With a wider video screen and many up-to-date and classic selections, it’s hard not to let your eyes be glued to the screen.

Air New Zealand_Premium Economy_Extended_1500x1000

Enjoy more leg room and arm space with Premium Economy

And if you should need a snack or a drink, you can select from the screen too, complimentary of course. But unless you have an extremely healthy appetite, there’s hardly a need to as the friendly attendants will be passing out meals and snacks every so often. In Premium Economy, the meals are as good as what they serve in Business class on many airlines. And of course, there will be New Zealand fine wines to accompany your delicious meals.

Air New Zealand_Meals_Premium Economy_Lunch_1500x1000

Be pampered by the gourmet selections in Premium Economy

Air New Zealand_Meals_Premium Economy_Smoked Salmon_1500x1000

Be pampered by the gourmet selections in Premium Economy