“Follow Me”: A creative photo shoot about love

On this blog, we periodically share innovative ideas others have for their big day and that includes the pre-wedding photo shoot. While the snaps that got us marveling in this post might not be the norm for wedding photos (well, we aren’t sure whether Singaporeans are receptive to not having your faces in the photos), but we hope this ingenious theme which the photos follow through, can inspire you to work out an unique concept for your own nuptials shoot.

(Photo Credit: Murad Osmann’s Instagram)

This clever project titled “Follow Me” is put together by Russian photographer Murad Osmann. In case you thought these are part of his professional portfolio, well, not really. In fact, these are mostly taken via iPhone, with some by a DSLR, then beautified through the mobile application “Camera+” and uploaded on Osmann’s Instagram.

While some have lamented on the limitations posed by Instagram and its square frame, Osmann did not seem to have any issues with that. Within every frame pictures Osmann being led by the hand throughout the world by his girlfriend Nataly Zakharova, whose back-view is beautifully captured against various landscapes.

(Photo Credit: Murad Osmann’s Instagram)

According to Petapixel.com, this project started during a vacation to Barcelona in the year 2011. It all began when Nataly became annoyed with Osmann for being so occupied with his camera and started pulling him by the hand, which didn’t stop Osmann from snagging a shot. That accidental shot would spark this brilliant series that now captures gorgeous views of the couple in New York City’s Times Square, streets of Hong Kong, London’s Brick Lane and even Singapore!

Osmann’s creativity certainly drives home the point that photography is not just about how sophisticated your photography equipments are. What matters ultimately is how you can see the world through the lens hole differently! While you might not be the one helming the camera at your wedding shoot, go ahead be different and come up with a theme for your shoot. When you do, let us in and you might just see your photos featured right here!

(Photo Credit: Murad Osmann’s Instagram)

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