From a Wedding Theme…

–Text by Ha Mee Mee

There is so much to love about wedding themes. They are stylish, elaborate, and most importantly give your wedding a tasteful twist, away from the traditional wedding ceremonies.

Wedding themes have existed in history throughout the world since the 16th century. However, the idea was only popularised in the past decade or two where people started reaching out for more ideas than just the ceremony where friends and family concentrated on the theme of love and marriage vows.

To some, they wanted to think big, and so tradition became a dirty word.

To start planning your themed wedding, you need to speak to your wedding planner for your options. The theme you choose can, depending on your choices and preferences, be something fun with a happy fairy-tale ending, or something that incorporates a country’s wedding style. Both ways, the possibilities are endless.

Once spoken to your professional planner, his or her job now is to help you visualize these concepts and possibilities. Among the topics to be discussed are the creative menu, entertainment, decoration and invitation ideas. Equally important are the table centerpieces, corsages, flower and cake selection and hotel accommodation for distant friends and relatives.

Interestingly, some planners also provide useful information about beauty and diet tips.

According to Mohammad Yusoff, creative director for Mind N Body Entertainment in Singapore, a wedding theme brightens up your once-in-a-lifetime event, making it a day you’ll never forget!

Known for his thought-provoking style, ingenious designs, and fresh ideas, Yusoff is much sought after in the local scene.

As he fondly recalled some of the previous themed weddings he’d planned, his face turned into one with great satisfaction.

“You probably heard of wedding themes capturing natural, seaside, tropical and classic white themes but you definitely haven’t heard of anything that goes beyond that, like the one that fits in special supplies. These supplies may be in the forms of iconic costumes and mascots, or talents like models, singers, dancers and even stilt walkers.”

“With just a few creative ideas, you can literally bring a wedding theme to life! That’s the whole beauty of a theme – it’s interactively entertaining and fun.” Nevertheless, Yusoff says the focal interest of the wedding will always be the couple, while the talents are only there to create an overall ambience.

“The talents at your reception are there to provide entertainment. They are talents who specialise in providing lively entertainment, with some of them being part-time models, singers, or dancers. Needless to say, your guests will certainly remember the heavenly time they’ve had at your reception!”

But much as a wedding theme is important, you may also want to make sure that your wedding photos are equally special for the same reason.

This is because your wedding album could also adopt a theme to go with your wedding, and it can take many forms according to the theme of your wedding. Ultimately, the only problem boils down to one thing – your budget limit.

Olga Jastrebkova, a certified wedding planner who hails from Italy, says when it comes to selecting the location for your album, instead of travelling overseas, you could actually pay less by simply opting for a list of exclusive local spots.

“There are many beautiful places in Singapore that have all the elements of a perfect photography spot. You would certainly not regret it, because after all, it’s so tastefully done that you wouldn’t even know it’s taken in Singapore!”says Olga who’s currently working and living in Singapore.

As a wedding planner, she and her husband spent a lot of time trying to find interesting locations and new photography spots in Singapore. She admits that while Singapore is a relatively small country, it has some of the best places in the world with plenty of photographic appeal.

“Remember the best wedding album is not a chance. The best wedding album is very well-planned, ” she says.

Talents and models from Mind N Body Entertainment showcasing a hot new series of costumes during the recent bridal fair held at Suntec Singapore Level 3.