If your wedding is coming up, you probably have 101 things to consider and fret about. What with the gown, the venue, the number of guests to invite etc, and of course, whether or not you can take off a few pounds and maybe grow out your hair in time.


While most of these can be achieved with a lot of determination and grit, or with help from family and friends, there’s one thing we can’t do much about, and that’s our hair. After all, you can’t hurry it to grow longer, thicker or fuller. And if you are a short hair aficionado, changing your hairstyle can even cram your style.

So, what’s a girl to do if you want to have beautiful long locks for your wedding in the easiest way possible? We turn to the professionals.


With 25 years’ history in professional hair extension, Europe’s leading luxury brand in hair creation Hairdreams is now in Singapore.

Using a variety of advanced hair lengthening and hair thickening systems such as ‘Laserbeamer Nano’ and ‘VolumePlus Matrix’, Hairdreams is able to create natural, healthy looking shiny and soft hair that matches your own hair. It takes less time than other hair extension techniques, is painless and non-damaging to your hair.


Be it longer or fuller hair, Hairdreams uses high-grade hand-selected 100% real human hair to create natural-looking results. Even thinning hair can be remedied with this system and best of all, the new hair can be worn permanently so you can swim, do sports or wash your hair as if it’s your own.


For more information, check out or visit Hairdreams at:

51 Cuppage Road #01-09
Singapore 229469
Tel: 6653 5500
Mon – Sat | 11.00am – 9.00pm